Thursday, April 24, 2014

We are, all of us, a Collection of Stories

NOTHING interrupts tea time

Some stories are mundane - I went to bed, I got up, brushed my teeth, went to work, came home, spaced out in front of the tube, and went to bed....

**Yawn**  I need a nap after writing that.

Some are rather dramatic - as the London Riots last year...full of both individuals angry and frustrated and upset enough to rend the fabric of civility to cause mass chaos, and individuals who chose to stand against the turbulence and attempt to stem the worst of the destruction.

In an angry situation where violence has erupted, it is all too easy to get caught up in the frenzy.

 But you must remember to never get so caught up in the frenzy that you don't have time for the simple pleasures in life, such as a good spot of tea. (Imagine this said with a British accent..I swear, I typed it in one). 

Monday was semi-warm - Springter season (that's the couple of weeks between Winter and Spring up here in Wisconsin) and I thought I'd take in a walk after work.  After all, walking is good for aggravates the knees and feet only slightly less than standing at the kitchen sink washing a load of dishes, vacuuming or doing the laundry. I thought I'd take a walk to put off the housework...ya caught me!

Unfortunately, the fates thought it would be better for me to get on with my after-work chores, and conjured up a wet, drizzly, cold afternoon.  Now, I'll do just about anything to put off the housework, but walking in Springter rain isn't one of them.

So I stopped the car at Goodwill...located between my employer and my apartment.  I can walk in here, NOT get wet, and maybe find something I need that's a good photo prop and CHEAP!

But I'm not giving up my teapot...nope, no way.  I've saved it from it's impending Goodwill re-purposing.

I can shop like an Olympic Champion!  It's a gift. 

Wandering the aisles gained me another 1100 steps, according to the pedometer.  I took my time, and spent a good 45 minutes in the store.  There were some ghastly shoes (really, who ACTUALLY wears spiked heels that high without breaking an ankle?) and a genuine-imitation leopard purse (too small to carry around all the camera gear, otherwise that baby would have been MINE) and some cheezy costume jewelry (did I mention I'm allergic to base metals?).

Wandering about the furniture, I did see some nice couches, but they weren't going to fit in my little sedan without a six-pack of six-packs utilizing the jaws of life to get it in, and I do kinda like having a roof on my I passed on those as well.

Round to electronic equipment, I saw a computer that was older than my son (who will be 25 this year) and the usual offering of old curling irons, toasters and blenders.

Up the other side of the store, to see faded prints of abstract florals, motivational posters, and empty picture frames.

Finally, I took in dishes.  I LOVE glassware.  Especially stemware.  When I first moved out of the house my marriage bought, I took only the bare minimum - a set of 12 silver-plated silver footed water goblets, and 4 hand-blown water goblets that cost more than I care to remember.  I didn't have a standard drinking glass anywhere in the apartment, and it was one of those little 'quirky' things that I actually enjoyed about myself.

Well, friends and family noticed my lack of 'normalcy' in the drinking glass department, and rectified the situation through birthday and Christmas presents.  One of these days, maybe, I'll donate those 'normal' drinking glasses and go back to the quirky me, drinking only out of stemware.

Anyway...I browsed the glassware like an addict looking for her next fix.  Nothing too unusual, just the standard Libby offerings of mass-manufactured, dull-sounding (stemware should ring - like a bell with a slight low tone) standard stemware.  Some margarita glasses with the cactus as the stem.  A lot of chipped edges.

And then.....

Casually hiding behind a punchbowl on the other side of the aisle - an adorable little teacup and saucer set. Light.  Delicate.  Purples and reds and creams and golds.  A drawing of a matador and bull inside the bottom of the cup, and in the center of the saucer.  The cup even had little feet!   


I made a mad dash to the front of the store...I think I might have run over a child or two in my haste to make the beautiful little treasure that had stolen my heart mine in every legal sense of the word. $3.00 out of my wallet, and I was cackling to myself with glee at the new prop...perfect for the Tempest and the Teapot.

And so you have it - the little teacup made it all the way to London last year, courtesy of a little time-travel with Photoshop...into a tempestuous event where chaos and the frenzy of heated emotions ignited more than the frustrations of the British.

And I'll even show you the 'before' picture....but just this once...

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