Sunday, April 27, 2014


I took my little teapot on a trip to the Riverwalk Plaza in downtown Waukesha.  When I first made my way to Waukesha as a single person, the apartment building I rented a studio in had the Plaza in my windows.  It grabbed me from the first time I stepped into the little shoebox in the sky.

There are days I wish I could have afforded to stay in my studio, as I had everything within walking distance...the farmer's market was literally in my back parking lots behind my building.  The little boutique shops up and down Main street were in my front yard (see above) and the Fox River was steps away as well.

The Riverwalk was one of my favorite places to go...I walked a LOT.  When I was feeling bad about the marriage ending - the river was my solace.  It took my tears, it took my fears, and it gave me understanding of the cycle of nature.

It challenged me to look....REALLY look, at the myriad of beliefs preached by humans, and find them a pale shadow to the reality of nature.

So I had to take my teapot to the place where I was born, both my physical emergence on the Earth in this body, and the place where I was spiritually reborn.

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