Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pigs in Spaaaaaaaaaaace!

Everyone (well, ok, not EVERYONE...but close enough) remember the Muppet Show from childhood, and a little skit that ran in a host of episodes called Pigs in Space. it was.  Ahhhhh...the 'memory fade...'

Miss Piggy.  Captian Link.  Dr. Strangepork.  Galavanting about the galaxy aboard the Swinetrek.

Looking over the wiki article on it, there were 32 episodes, had a host of merchandise to go with it, and reappeared in the albums, comics and books created after the original Muppet Show was off the air.  They even played a couple of skits for the crew of the Colombia space shuttle.  Art, invading real life - you GOTTA love it!

Did anyone not love the Muppets?  Everyone has their favorites...everyone remembers select bits from the shows.

My favorite Muppet?  How can I choose just one???

  I loved the Swedish Chef,


but I also loved Beaker and Animal.  

Fozzy tried to hard, and Gonzo was...well, Gonzo. 

 Piggy was obsessed with all things Piggy, and Kermit just wanted to run a good show - and get people to understand it ain't easy being green.

There's this photoshop tutorial site I sometimes visit - last month, they had a tutorial on how to make your own planet.  Photoshop Tutorial 

How can I possibly resist making my own planets?

**Please read the following sentence in a loud, booming, God-like voice**

 I shall call this place Heisen Berg! 

(is my Breaking Bad Fanboi status showing???)

So that's where the planet came from on the picture today - and in honor of those valliant Pigs in Space, bravely facing the Chopped Liver monster, swill-shortages, Snako-waves, Dumbo-rays and Dearth Nadir, I found a cute little stuffed pig to float in front.

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