Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Teacup returns!

The teacup returns today - with a brew that is not for the faint of heart. 

I've taken up a bit of learning on the world wide web - taking write up's that people have put for public consumption to create images in photoshop.  Now...just so we're clear...I LOVE Photoshop.  I see the potential in adjusting my photos, and crafting something that wasn't entirely there before.

It took me a LONG time to realize that photography is just as much an art form as more 'traditional' mediums such as paint, chalk, ink, clay and so on.  I always thought that photography was just capturing someone else's art form.

WRONG.  There's the eye to consider.  There's how you frame the shot.  And, yes, there's some luck there in capturing just the right amount of light and freezing the movement (although there are some interesting shots I've taken that showcase that movement...I'll have to show 'em off sometime).  There's skill and competence with your equipment.  Everyone can learn to handle the complexity of a DSLR, but I've also seen some amazing shots (taken a few, too) with a cheap point & shoot.

The filling in the cup is from a 'shop tutorial, on how to make a hurricane with the program.  Once I was done with the instructions, I got to tweak it further - adjusting the color to make it luminescent, and adjusting the perspective to make it seem as if you're looking at it from across the surface, rather than directly above it.  For the cup's illumination, I have a couple of those novelty light-up ice cubes - they rotate between 4-5 different colors - one in the cup, and one behind it.

I LOVE these ice cubes - they give me just enough light to dramatize the objects I'm shooting, and are small enough to be hidden quite easily.

The longer I stay at this blog thing, the more I see it morphing from the original teapot and teacup motif to other, just as interesting things, to take photos of.  Maybe I'll treat you to the ice cubes next...or a zen sand garden, or some of the tutorials in 'Shop (I made a planet a couple of weeks back!) - so STAY TUNED

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